The National Parks Board

The Board has the following powers and functions (from the National Parks Act 2002):

  • to advise the Ministry on policy with respects to preserving, protecting and managing national parks and protected areas
  • to monitor and discuss the conditions of national parks and protected areas and to advise the Ministry accordingly
  • to advise the Ministry as to the provision and improvement of facilities for persons visiting nationals parks and protected areas
  • in so far as it appears desirable to the Board, to encourage and advise the carrying out of such work as may be necessary to facilitate the use of the sea within certain marine parks for sailing, boating, diving, baiting, or fishing
  • to collaborate with the Ministry in the preparation and implementation of a terrestrial national park and protected areas development plan
  • to fix, charge and receive fees and charges for a facility or other services or amenities provided by the Authority and to reduce, waive or refund such fees and charge so fixed, generally or in any particular case or class of case

Board members

  • Mr Gideon Nash – Chairman
  • CEO of SVG Tourism Authority - Mr Glen Beache - Deputy Chairman
  • Director General of Finance and Planning, or nominee 
  • Representative from the SVG National Trust 
  • Medical Officer of Health
  • Commissioner of Police, or nominee
  • Chamber of Industry and Commerce 
  • NGO Representative 
  • Director of Forestry - Mr Fitzgerald Providence
  • Head of Physical Planning Department or Nominee
  • Permanent Secretary of Ministry of Tourism, Sports and Culture, or nominee 


National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority organisational chart

There are currently 121 staff employed by the NPA, across all our sites and in our head office. Our technical and administrative staff work from our head office in Kingstown. Staff job descriptions can be found here (PDF).