There are many ways you can move towards a sustainable lifestyle. Below are some resources for citizens, teachers and students. 


Fact sheet on how to compost, how to build a Bokashi box, and how to build a Worm farm

Protect our oceans from Lionfish 

Lionfish are an invasive species, and are a threat to native fish populations in the Caribbean.


A fact sheet about Lionfish from the NOAA, and their campaign about eating Lionfish

More resources and information about Lionfish

Water pollution

Activity sheet for students and teachers

Excellent water information paper for students 

Water quality information from the UN

Information for kids about the benefits of clean water

Lots of resources for teachers about water, disasters, food security, energy and tourism

Marine debris is a huge problem! Learn more about marine debris and how you can help - resources for teachers and students as well as some useful fact sheets

Air pollution

Learn about the dangers of burning plastics

General information

The ACCU has an excellent library of information on environmental issues, health, income generation, women's empowerment and many more topics.