The staff at National Parks Authority said goodbye to Nicholas Harris on Friday 5th December 2014. “Nick” as he was called by colleagues and friends, was part of the Australian aid program AVID - Australian Volunteers for International Development.

At the NPA, Nick worked extensively with community groups throughout St. Vincent. With his assistance two community groups access funding from the GEF Small Grants Program. The groups received grants of approximately US $45,000 each, to assist in environmental work in their communities.

While Nick was comfortable working with the community groups and effecting change at the community level, he has a keen interest in technology. His interest led to the development of websites for National Parks and the SVG Botanical Gardens.

In October the staff of NPA said goodbye to another Australian Volunteer James Walsh. James focused on improving marine and coastal management. He worked closely with the South Coast Marine Park Project, the ECMMAN Project and the Fisheries Division.

James started a recycling program for plastic bottles at several NPA co-managed sites. He also researched the recycling of local products, such as Coconut shells and used cooking oil. He was a part of the Mangrove Tree Awareness Campaign. The tree planting campaign is one of many initiatives, to mitigate the effects of climate change.

During 2014 the NPA has benefited from the knowledge and expertise of volunteers as well as interns. The organization hosted two Australian volunteers, two SET (Supportive Education and Training) interns and one french intern student.