Our Place, Our Planet, Our Responsibility is the international theme for this years CLEAN UP THE WORLD weekend which will be commemorated on September 16th -17th 2017.

St. Vincent and the Grenadines acknowledges the global challenges facing our planet, and is taking an active role in the protection and preservation of our world. Clean up the world Weekend is an annual initiative that highlights the global concerns for the environment and how each individual can make a positive contribution to a cleaner and healthier world.

Benefits of a cleaner world:

It is our home

It provides oxygen, water, food, and warmth vital for our survival

 It is essential for healthy living and a healthy future

 It reduces the occurrence and the impact of natural disasters

 It provides authentic, meaningful experiences

By commemorating Cleanup the World in SVG we hope to accomplish the following objectives:

Change Perspective our responsibility- Highlight the crucial role we play in preserving the Planet, to which we are closely linked and depend on.

Learn - Connecting People with World! Recognize the relationship between our habits and the sustainability of the world and its resources; discover its fragile beauty and committing to preserving it through small daily actions.

Change our ways - keeping our World clean is a vital part of our life! Changing our daily habits, and promote more sustainable practices able to generate exponentially positive impact on our world, and engaging our family and friends, and the entire community will benefit our world even more!

Celebrate and Enjoy - This world is our only home! Take time to think about how the world impacts our lives as well as how our choices affect the world, and then organize or participate in activities that celebrate our world.