As part of the IDF 2019 commemoration activities, the Central Range of the Forestry Department collaborated with the National Environmental Days Commemoration Committee on an educational field tour to the King’s Hill Forest Reserve (KHFR) on March 21st.  Fourteen (14) students and one (1) teacher from the St. Clair Dacon Secondary School, and two (2) students and one (1) teacher from the Intermediate High School Kingstown participated in the field visit which was facilitated by Mr. Jason Baker, Forestry Officer, Mr. Andrew Lockhart, Superintendent of Marine and Terrestrial Parks and Mr. Casmus McLeod, Forestry Supervisor.

During the visit, the students and teachers were made aware of the significant heritage value and importance of the KHFR, one of the oldest such Protected Areas (PA) in the Western Hemisphere. It was declared under the Kings Hill Forest Ordinance 1791 "to attract the clouds and rains" to the surrounding areas.

The students were educated about the different species of floral and faunal wildlife including national and regional endemics that thrive within this iconic PA. They were also notified about the laws that protect the KHFR namely:- the Forest Resource Conservation Act No. 47 of 1992 and the Wildlife Protection Act No, 16 of 1987 (Amended No. 16 of 1991).

Other representatives of the Fisheries Division, Forestry Department, Communication Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries, Rural Transformation, Industry and Labour, and the NPRBA all participated in activities to mark this year’s International Day of Forests.