Water is the primary medium through which we will feel the effects of climate change. Water availability is becoming less predictable in many places, and increased incidences of flooding threaten to destroy water points and sanitation facilities and contaminate water sources.

In some regions, droughts are exacerbating water scarcity and thereby negatively impacting people’s health and productivity. Ensuring that everyone has access to sustainable water and sanitation services is a critical climate change mitigation strategy for the years ahead.

Higher temperatures and more extreme, less predictable, weather conditions are projected to affect availability and distribution of rainfall, river flows and groundwater, and further deteriorate water quality. More floods and severe droughts are predicted. Changes in water availability will also impact health and food security.

Water plays a pivotal role in how the world mitigates and adapts to the effects of climate change. An integrated view on water, the biosphere and environmental flows is required to devise sustainable agricultural and economic systems that will allow us to decelerate climate change, protect us from extremes and adapt to the unavoidable at the same time.

Follow the link for more information on the impact of climate change on water resources: https://www.unwater.org/publications/un-water-policy-brief-on-climate-change-and-water/