On Friday March 22nd, 2019, the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority (NPRBA) executed a water quality monitoring exercise at the Great Head Bay with Twenty-Four (34) Fifth Grade students and Three (3) teachers of Rose Hall Government School. The exercise was facilitated by Mrs. Abena White, Ms. Mishka Garraway, Environment Health Officer for District II, Mr. Sternley Walker, Park Ranger and Mr. Shemron Williams, Technical Officer, of the NPRBA. Both gentlemen are members of NPRBA’s Water Quality Monitoring (WQM) Team.

Mrs. White gave the formal introduction, while Mr. Walker and Williams, facilitated the practical aspect of the exercise. The students were given a first-hand experience in using the YSI® Professional Handheld Meter and the LaMotte® Testing Kit. These two pieces of equipment are crucial to our regular WQM exercise at selected beaches, rivers and recreation parks under the ambit of the NPRBA.  They provide information on important water quality parameters such as temperature, pH, dissolve oxygen, conductivity, turbidity, phosphate and nitrate.

The activity was aimed at fostering awareness among the students on the importance of conserving our natural resources and protecting our environment.

The WQM exercise provided a theoretical and practical training in the collection and on-site analysis of water quality samples including the various parameters/indicators and metrics, and interpretation of data derived from such samples.

Also in attendance were the NPRBA Officers, Mr. Andrew Lockhart, Superintendent of Marine and Terrestrial Parks, Communication and Public Education Office, Ms. Twanique Barrow.