We are very pleased to welcome three new interns to the National Parks Authority - Ms Pauline Froger, Ms Aquila Rose and Ms Shannell Murray. They will be working across many sectors, including marketing, administration, events, and policy development.

New interns at National Parks

Ms Froger, an intern from Paris, France (right)

I am doing a Master's Degree this year, specialized in the International Tourism Economics and Development (Université Paris 1 Panthéon Sorbonne). During my academic path, I had the opportunity to work in different international tourism companies, such as a tourist office, a hotel, a tour-operator and a marketing agency. I am passionate about tourism and travel, I enjoy being in the outdoors and I am eager to discover new places and environments. I have always been curious about the National Parks around the world, so this internship is an excellent opportunity for me to be in the core of such an organization, and to discover the Caribbean culture. My internship is mainly on marketing development, for the different sites and the NPA itself.

Ms Rose, an intern through the Supportive Educational Program (left)

My background is in entertainment and healthcare industry. I recently graduated from Berkeley College in the USA which specialises in international business – I majored in policy and regulations law. I came back to St. Vincent because I know the country is in a developing stage and needs as much intellectual property to assist them in becoming more industrialized and also to attract a wider global market. The world is becoming more liberalized because of globalization and I can help our Island with my well rounded expertise in management, anthropology, business and insurance laws, along with advanced administration knowledge. I hope to become and asset to the country and grow with this Island. My grandparents were both proprietors and I intend to follow their path. In my own way. While giving back to my roots. I was born American but was raised in SVG from the age of 9 months old to about ten years of age where I was then sent back to the States to live with my mother. SVG is my strong hold so I returned.

Ms Murray an intern through the Supportive Educational Program (centre)

My name is Shanell Murray. I am from a very cultural village called Rose Bank. I am a graduate of the St.Vincent and the Grenadines Community College – Division of Technical and Vocational Education, where I completed an associate degree in business studies- Sales and Marketing. I am currently undergoing a program called the Selective, Educational and Training programme which was implemented by the Government of St.Vincent and the Grenadines. Being a part of this program I was attached to National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority for a period of 1 year. After 1 month of working here at National Parks I have gain a lot more knowledge about how to preserve and to nurture our environment more efficiently. Working here at National Parks have given me the privilege to learn more about the beautiful recreational sites that St Vincent and the Grenadines has to offer, and to also visit these sites. The staffs at National Parks are very friendly and accommodating and it’s a pleasure working with them. I express interest in customer relations and I also enjoy being involved in community groups to help uplift our community in whatever way possible.

The interns will work closely with the Australian Volunteers - Mr James Walsh and Mr Nicholas Harris