The first Lionfish Derby to be held on the island of St Vincent was a huge success, and the National Parks Authority is looking forward to hosting many more derbies. The purpose of the derby was to raise awareness about the problem of this invasive fish which is devastating reef fish numbers in SVG. Nearly 1000 invasive lionfish were caught with prizes being awarded for the most caught, largest and smallest. The winners for the most lionfish caught were:

  1. Team Serenity Dive (293)
  2. Trade Winds (157)
  3. Indigo Dive Slayers (135)

Rolex night divers caught the smallest fish (70mm), while Indigo Dive Slayers caught the largest (410mm). Freediver Clarence Kirby was also awarded for bringing in 77 lionfish. Check out all the photos here!




The derby was organised by the Fisheries Division and the National Parks Authority, with support from GIZ and many local businesses. It was part of Fisherman's Day celebrations, and many patrons got to try delicious cooked lionfish. A new song also encouraged Vincentians to catch lionfish, and many local restaurants are now serving lionfish. James and Nick were on the Tourism Chit Chat radio show with Fran on WeFM. Listen to it, and the new song, below.



For more information about lionfish, check out this presentation, this factsheet, or have a look at our Going Green page.