The NPBRA along with Australian Volunteers engaged in a Mangrove tree planting exercise at the Black Point Recreational Site, this was done as part of the Mangrove tree awareness campaign that was started in March, 2013 to reestablish the Mangrove population in SVG.

Australian James Walsh said “after months of being in SVG I saw the need for the mangroves to be reintroduced to protect the coast, coral reefs and to mitigate climate change".

James is part of the Australian Governments volunteer program across the Caribbean - he is working within National Parks to improve marine and coastal management.

White Mangroves were planted along the foreshore - this is a very rare species in SVG, only found on Mustique and Union Island.

NPRBA aims to continue this initiative of planting mangroves in suitable sites along the coast of SVG.

Interested persons are welcome to join the NPRBA by contacting their offices at Stoney Ground.




The Nature Conservancy Mangrove Video: Union Island