On Saturday 1st March, 2018 the Owia Heritage Organization Inc (OHO) held a ceremony to officially open the renovated Gun Powder Magazine (a building designed to store gunpowder explosives in wooden barrels for safety).This marks a very important step in preserving the history of this indegenous community for future generations.  The British favored Owia because of its location and fertile land. The canon is the only remaining of many that was strategically placed in different areas throughout the village of Owia. Ms. Krishna Mc Dowall, representative from the SUSGREN Inc, Dr. Adrian Fraser ,Historian and Mrs. Rodica Tannis, Superintendent of Rivers, Beaches and Recreation Sites were the featured  speakers at the opening.  OHO is a community group that co-manages the Owia Salt Pond in collaboration with the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority, and has been involved in community development work for more than 10 years.