A new video highlights four threatened species in St Vincent - the Whistling Warbler, St Vincent Parrot, Whistling Frog and the Black Snake. It encourages people to look out for these species and take action to protect them.

The isolation of St. Vincent from other land areas over geologic time has led to an evolutionary divergence of forms and species of life from those that arrived in the past. Species known only from a very small geographic range where they are presumed to have originated, are called endemics. While not necessarily always rare, endemic are uniquely vulnerable to losses and extinction since they have very small ranges and often require specialized habitats. As a result 4 species within SVG have found their way on the IUCN Red List. These endemic include the St. Vincent Parrot (Amazona guildingii), the Whistling Warbler (Catharopeza bishopi), Pristimantis shrevei and the Black Snake (Chironius vincenti).

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