September 2013 - June 2014

The National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority have embarked on an Integrated Watershed Management Planning and Forest Reserve Protection Project in the Cumberland Valley of St. Vincent. The project is funded by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund, executed through the Caribbean Natural Resources Institute and seeks the involvement from and Global Parks (an international NGO).

The aim of the project is to develop an Integrated Watershed Management Plan (IWMP) for the Cumberland Forest Reserve; this will also provide a framework for inter-agency collaboration. Through the implementation of this project, emphasis will be placed on the following components:

  • Mapping and zoning of the watershed according to forest types, habitat, etc.
  • Development of a Rapid Biodiversity Inventory
  • Development of a Wildlife Conservation Strategy, with emphasis on the Key Biodiversity Assets (KBA’s)
  • Silvicultural Plan to improve forest management and ecosystem service functions
  • Development of a cooperate agreement between watershed stakeholders
  • Recommendations and intervention specific to upper watershed soil and water conservation
  • Recommendations as regards key livelihoods activities based on use of watershed resources to promote sustainability and conservation of watershed resources
  • Capacity building for staff and other key watershed stakeholders to support the implementation of IWMP and long term watershed.

The project will bring together key stakeholders who have a perspicacious interest in the watershed in the area of management, protection and/or use of the watershed.

The expected outcome of the IWMP management framework is to have an established inter- agency agreement that will govern the roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders that utilizes the Cumberland Watershed. The outcomes from the IWMP for the Cumberland watershed will serve as a useful model for other watersheds and protected areas throughout St. Vincent and the Grenadines.