2006 - 2009

After the passage of the National Parks Act (2002) the SVG Government sought and secured financing from the European Union for a Tourism Development Project. The project was executed through the Ministry of Tourism and implemented by the National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority (NPA) which is supported by a Project Support Unit.

The project sought to diversify SVG’s tourism product by developing community based tourism at visitor sites with significant biodiversity, rich cultural and historical heritage, and recreational potential. Actions included:

  1. Upgrading and developing infrastructure at 14 visitor sites.
  2. Developing a National Parks System the components of which are:
    1. Building the capacity of Community Based Organisations (CBOs) and Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to undertake local management of the sites
    2. Assisting with the development and strengthening of the recently launched National Parks Rivers and Beaches Authority.
    3. Development of an SVG National Parks and Protected Areas System Plan through a collaborative process which includes public participation.
    4. Development of Memoranda of Understanding between the NPA and the key stakeholders (government, NGOs, and CBOs)
    5. Developing the Regulations and Orders for the National Parks Act 2002.
    6. Development of a Financing Plan for the SVG National Parks System.
    7. Develop a monitoring and auditing system for the NPA
  1. Develop and implement a marketing programme for the designated sites

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