Rawacou Recreation Park

Rawacou Recreation Park has is major beach recreation site of national importance, and features two beaches separated by a rocky headland with a man-made pool. Coconut trees and sea grapes provide a distinct tropical look and feel to the beach, while dune vegetation helps to maintain the balance and resilience of the beach. It is an exposed beach, well known for strong currents.

RawacouOpening hours: 8am – 5pm

Fees: $5 EC

Distance from Kingstown: 8.5 miles (14 km) – about 25 minutes drive

Facilities: Parking, food and drink kiosks, gazebos, washrooms and change rooms, fire pits, a stage and entertainment centre, volleyball court, and a welcome booth and office.

Safety: Sea bathing is not encouraged - visitors to this site are asked to use the man-made pool.

The site is co-managed by the Rawacou Development Council.

Download the site rules.