Parks and Sites

St Vincent and the Grenadines is full of natural beauty and rich with culture and history. Highlights include the historic Botanical Gardens (the oldest in the Western Hemisphere), the spectacular Dark View Falls, the majestic hike up to La Soufriere volcano, and the coral wonders of Tobago Cays.



The National Parks, Rivers and Beaches Authority manage these sites, in order to showcase and preserve their historic, natural and cultural values. Some sites are also co-managed with community organisations, ensuring that local communities benefit and engage with the sites. Most sites are open from around 9am-5pm every day, and many charge a small fee to cover maintenance costs.

You can rent the sites as well - forms can be found here. If you are a school, business or government agency looking to use the sites, please fill out a General site booking form (site usage agreement). Other services offered at sites and parks include:

  • Gazebo rental
  • Day Unit rental (only at Rawacou)
  • Fire Pit rental
  • Wedding Ceremony and Reception
  • Photography - Individual, Wedding and Commercial
  • Concerts and other large event
  • Beach Splash

We also offer group rates for picnics and other social events, call to booked or download the Site Usage Agreement form online and  return completed form to the office in person or via email.

More tourist information can be found on the Discover SVG website, and in the Hiking SVG, Historic SVG and Cruising SVG brochures.

To rent a site, please fill out the appropriate booking form and return it to the National Parks head office

Site Agreement Forms