Layou Petroglyph Park

A short distance to the north of Buccament Bay is the settlement of Layou, home to the Layou Petroglyph Park. The Park holds some ancient Amerindian petroglyphs on a large boulder, likely to date from the Saladoid (Arawak) period of initial settlement (around 300-600 AD). Several Amerindian sites have been uncovered in St. Vincent but their meaning of the carvings remains uncertain – they represent some of the most intriguing reminders of the island’s original settlers. The petroglyphs are on the tentative World Heritage Convention list -

In addition to the petroglyphs, the Layou Petroglyph Park has some beautiful vegetation, picnic spots, and the Rutland River with a small bathing pool - all against a backdrop of stunning vegetation and huge ridges.

Layou PetroglyphsOpening hours: 9am – 4pm (closed Sundays)

Fees: $2 fee to use facilities and $1 for washrooms

Distance from Kingstown: 9.5 miles (15 km) – about 30 minutes drive

Facilities: Visitor centre, interpretation room and conference facilities, although there is no cafe on site

Directions: To reach Layou Petroglyph Park, look out for a signpost along a road to the north of the village. Follow the signs to the reception building and then a short trail down towards the river. The petroglyphs are on a large boulder at the foot of the trail.

The conference centre (which includes a kitchen) can be hired for events - $75/day or $150/day depending on numbers. Please call 453-1623 to book.

The park is co-managed by the Layou Heritage and Tourism Organisation.

Download the site rules and site brochure.